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Hospital Care

We see many children on a daily basis who require extensive treatment.  The procedures routinely done in a dental setting require some cooperation from the child.  It is understandable that some children cannot tolerate dental treatment due to:

  • the length of the appointment
  • your child’s medical history
  • the number of visits needed to complete treatment
  • the age of the child
  • fear

Under certain circumstances it would therefore be recommended that treatment be rendered under general anesthesia in a safe environment.  We are currently on staff at  Montefiore Nyack Hospital in Nyack, New York. At times the suggestion may be made at the initial visit that due to the child’s behavior and the treatment needed, the operating room is the best way to render treatment.  Also, after several unsuccessful attempts are made in the office to treat a child, the operating room may be suggested.  Although the thought of general anesthesia is disconcerting, it is sometimes the only way to get a child out of pain and provide him/her with a healthy mouth. The advantages of treating your child under general anesthesia in a operating room are:

  • All necessary treatment is rendered while the child is asleep.   The work is therefore accomplished in a 1-2 hour setting instead of several visits to the dentist. Treatment can be rendered in a ‘safe’ environment, in that the child is asleep and cannot get hurt from moving to avoid treatment.
  • A medical anesthesiologist performs and monitors the general anesthesia from start to finish.
  • Most children willingly return for routine check-ups after the OR procedure and are more apt to accept treatment.

Dr. Mattia is always available to discuss treatment options and concerns you may have in regards to the operating room procedure.  Jackie, our Surgical Coordinator, is available to further assist you in regards to scheduling and billing.

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